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Movable Installation:
Between the floor and the floor supporting a special link with the manufacturers with a bonding into one, do not bond with the ground floor to facilitate the future mobility.
Fixed installation:
1, local bonding: on the ground to the edge of the floor as the base line of the glue then inward brush 10cm.
2, filled with bonding: on the ground under the floor all the gluing adhesive.
Concrete paving methods:
1, paving the ground must be flat and clean.
2, according to the numbering sequence and the floor is good, align the merger, pay attention to sites you want to align the process of pavement lines.
3, opened along the commissure adjacent to two floors, will be dedicated connection supporting manufacturers on the Taiwan joints with a lower side, in connection with the surface of gluing, first half in which a board to connect with a stick, and then will be another sticky board to bring in the remaining connections will be gaps can try to be.
1, forbidden to wear leather shoes, high heels, or easy to play off the color of the sports shoes.
2, is strictly prohibited cutting extrusion, surface friction is not appropriate with the hard objects in order to avoid damage or rupture.
3, is strictly prohibited on the floor using acid, alkali and other corrosive chemicals, etc., and away from the fire source, high temperature, so as to avoid deformation of the floor.